Thanks, for visiting this page to know about me and my blog. I am almost two years experienced in SQL Server Administration and I work for a reputed company. I started this blog to keep myself remind me the work that I have done, to let myself and others know the kind of the troubleshooting steps that I have taken when a problem occurred, to share the knowledge that I have learnt and to get feedback,suggestions and comments from the readers.

There are about hundreds of MSSQL blogs around which were started by beginners like me. I would say this blog is no different from others but I can say when you read, you will familiarize yourself in that situation and you try to remember that you have troubleshooted in a much similar or in a different way. So, it is all about knowledge sharing and learning.

Thanks again for your two minutes of time in reading this page. I hope you would enthusiastically participate in this blog  just the way I am. You can always reach me at sandeep.laxman89@gmail.com.



Sandeep G L


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